Edison At Walden: Condo fee is not a dirty word!

It’s finally Friday and you can’t wait to get home and begin your weekend. Feet up, maybe crack a beer and lay back to chill out. Hang on, not so quick. You get home to quickly realize there is a long list of chores with your name on it for this weekend and it may look something like this:

1. Mow the lawn.

2. Trim the bushes and plant some more flowers (Home Depot is not too far!)

3. Fertilize the grass (dogs create such a mess!)

4. Wash windows.

5. Sweep sidewalks.

6. Paint fence (put it off one too many summers!)

Does this sound familiar? The list gets long and before you know it, it’s Monday again. In your new Calgary townhome at Edison, let the work be done for you!

Your condo fee will include landscaping and snow removal, utilities for the common area, monthly insurance on the building (which can run you anywhere from $80-$100 per month alone on a single family home), reserve fund, and management fees (someone else to make sure the job gets done). So all you have to worry about is is whether it’ll be chicken or steak for dinner on Friday evening!

The expenses and time taken to care for your home add up. Next time you hear “condo fee” try and think “low maintenance living” A certain standard of maintenance also ensures you every place looks great, so no couch on the lawn next door! With all that free time on the weekend, what will you do?

Questions about our condo fees and owning at Edison? Comment below or just drop us a line at Edison@homesbyavi.com.

Melissa @Edison