Edison At Walden: Construction Update December 2013

What a chilly last couple days but that doesn’t stop our framing crews from working until dark. Kept me at a quick pace getting photos though! More buildings are starting to be framed and it’s exciting to see the progress.

Building 1- Framing and roof is now completed! Currently working on rough-ins.

Building 2- Roof is completed, with back framing and rough-ins currently on the go.

Building 6- Roof is completed, windows are being installed with back framing starting next week.

Building 7- Windows are being installed. Roof trusses are going up with roof being completed in the next week.

Building 16-Joisting for third floor walls, being installed this next week with roof completion to follow.

Buidling 17- Roof is on! Back framing on the interior.

Building 15- First floor garage walls up. Joisting for the second floor.

Building 18- First floor garage walls are being put up.

Stay tuned for the new year and all the progress we will see! Here’s the link to our construction glossary for those words you just don’t hear everyday!

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and safe Holidays.

Melissa @Edison