Edison At Walden: Construction Update June 2015

I’m excited to announce Edison At Walden is now SOLD OUT! It’s been a busy and rewarding couple years to see the progress from beginning to end. Our construction and customer relations teams have worked hard and done a great job at getting all of our home owners moved in within the past year. Here is the final update for Edison:

Buildings 4 & 9- We hope you have all settled in nicely and your new house is beginning to feel like home.

Building 8- Congratulations to those of you that have recently moved in. We hope you are enjoying your new home!

Building 3-  Possessions are set for this month. Good luck with walk through’s and the move in.  Hope you all are excited!

Landscaping is ongoing and should be completed by the end of this month.

Driving through Edison today, what a beautiful development this has turned out to be! If you missed out on Edison there is another opportunity to own one of these awesome town homes. Click here and register for our next development called Jackson.

Melissa @Edison