Edison at Walden is Fully Occupied!

It’s been another exciting week for us at Avi Urban as we witnessed our final homeowner, Nnaziri, move in to Edison in Walden, another finalized townhome development we poured our heart into. Our awesome homeowners are the reason we do what we do, and their awesome is the reason each of these developments come to life so we can all ‘cheers’ together on that highly anticipated move in day.

And a big shout out to our staff who make these developments a reality- from the plans, to the first dig, to those final nails… before everyone calls their new house, “home”.

We look forward to launching Jackson at Walden very soon. Because if you love a community so much, why not stick around?! Sign up for updates and more details (plans, pricing… etc.) on Jackson later this month, by clicking here