Edison At Walden- No lack of garage space here

What I would have given for heated indoor parking space these last few days! With our 400 sq foot garages here at Edison you won’t have to worry about waking up to that 2 foot snowfall that happened over night!

Your New Calgary Townhome features a tandem style garage which measures 36 feet in length and varies in width from 10-12 feet wide. You can fit two vehicles, a Ford 150 and a Honda Civic to be exact! That’s right, space for two cars. And we didn’t stop there, each unit also has a full car driveway. Parking won’t be an issue here at Edison!

The garage as a standard comes insulated and drywalled, with a heater. So if you don’t need room for two cars you have more then enough room for storage of those toys or that craft/workshop space you’ve always dreamed of! With windows on the front of the garage space you get that nice architectural detailing and natural light.

Functional design allowing you multi-use space, just another reason to call Edison home!

Melissa @Edison