Edison At Walden: Save-On Foods Is Now Open!

Whether it’s a beautiful day or a snowy one, you don’t have to go far to get most of the neccessities in life!

Save-On Foods opened a few months ago and it’s proving to be a great addition to the Walden shopping complex. Even better, it’s only a five minute walk away from your new Calgary townhome at Edison.

Save-On Foods (in my opinion) has been an enjoyable experience every time. It’s clean and organized, and the staff are friendly and helpful. They carry a great line of products in every department. I was in on a Saturday night and they were giving out samples of different food. Every corner I turned there was something else to try, I went in with a hungry tummy so the chicken wings, ginger chicken, antipasto, egg nog and pulled pork were much appreciated!

They have a kitchen in which they prepare full meals. You can choose from a variety of meats and two sides for only $8. Being a busy single girl, this has been my dinner option for quite a few nights since they’ve opened. Not only is it affordable but also delicious. Every night of the week they have a special meal for $10 as well. Next on my list to try is the pizzas. They make them fresh and bake them in a pizza oven.

We’re so excited that this new local grocery store has opened up so close, and we know it’ll be a hit with Edison homeowners!

Go and see for yourself what a great grocery store Save-On Foods is! You can find more info on this Canadian grocery store on their website. Try the braised beef meal – it’s mouth watering and won’t leave you disappointed.

Melissa @Edison