Edison At Walden- Spring Cleaning Time!

Every year comes that dreaded phrase “Spring Clean”. Think of it as the time to freshen and organize after a couped up winter. Rather then feel overwhelmed it’s about the small steps. So here is a list of 5 that I think are easy ones to get you started.


1. Swap out heavy curtains, rugs & throws for lightweight and colorful ones. This is a great way to completely change the feel of a space. That pop of yellow or green are sure to bring thoughts of spring!

2. If you don’t need to change your curtains then give them a wash. While those windows are naked give them a scrub down! Don’t forget the screens. No better way to enjoy spring then being able to see the flowers bloom outside.

3. Donate apparel and other items you no longer need to a charity. This is the hardest (in my opinion)… No a girl doesn’t really need THAT many shoes. My tip- invite over a friend who has no tie to these articles. They’ll give you an honest opinion and make you get rid of that ten year old tee!

4. Dust your home thoroughly.. Yes, having a glass of wine while doing this is completely acceptable. It’s a reward for every nook and cranny you’re going to scrub! Don’t forget fans, window casings, even the top of frames and art work. Trust me you’ll be amazed what little surface can collect dust.

5. And finally, clean out your medicine cabinet. For the ladies this may include a makeup cleanse as well. It’s amazing how one can hoard six tubes of mascara. For men I’m sure you have a few old rusty razors kicking around.

Just think of how much more organized your New Calgary Townhome or current home will be after this quick list! I’m tackling my drug store of a bathroom tonight.

Melissa @Edison