Edison At Walden- The buzz in your neighborhood

A daily ritual and the first thing to start my day is a nice strong cup o’ joe aka coffee. It’s sad to say, but my brain really doesn’t function until I’ve had that first cup and it’s pumping through my veins!

Whether it’s a non-fat, extra hot vanilla latte or an extra large double double, you’ll be happy to know that your Java fix is only a few steps away from your New Calgary Townhome! Located in the Walden shopping complex is a Starbucks and Tim Hortons soon to be opening in the new Esso. What more does one need!

Prefer to drink your coffee at home? Shopper’s Drug Mart offers all the home brew specialties and not too far away we’ll have a Save On Foods.

Now did you know Canadian coffee drinkers’ drink an average of 2.8 cups of coffee per day?! For myself and Todd we both agreed Starbucks is our fix. What about you? The ultimate question…

Starbucks or Tims?!

Melissa @Edison