Edison At Walden: Urban Allies Unite!

Here at Edison, we’re all about spreading the love!

Being new to the community of Walden, it always helps when local businesses let potential homeowners know we’re here! And what better way to get the word about town then giving away money for helping us.

That’s right. Giving away money for talking about us and referring buyers our way. It’s an incentive in place that we call Urban Allies.

Do you work in the community and know people? Come sign up and send them our way. They buy, we give you $500 in your pocket and they get an extra $500 off their new Calgary townhome! That might just be some extra spending money for a trip or a surprise car bill that came up. Just ask our two most recent paid Urban Allies, Samantha @ Windsor Rose Pub and Brooke @ Starbucks. You ladies rock!

Got you curious or intrigued? Come visit us at the sales center and sign up, help spread the word and we’ll fill your pocket.

Melissa @ Edison