Edison: Construction update October 2014

Things are in full swing here at Edison. All of our buildings are still on track and haven’t slowed down a bit! Beautiful day and lots of action on these new Calgary Townhomes, from the framers finishing roofs to siders laying some James Hardie board to homeowners moving in, it is all happening!

Here is a breakdown by building of the current stage of construction each is at.

Building 14 & 19– Possessions are happening this month and congratulations to those of you already moved in, hope you are enjoying your new home. To those moving in soon, we hope all goes well for you, exciting times.

Building 20– Drywall has been completed in these homes. The stage to follow this is taping and painting.

Building 13– These homes are at drywall stage with taping to follow.

Building 12– Spray foam and insulation is starting this week on these homes.

Building 11– Rough-ins have been completed on these homes. Following City inspections, insulation will follow.

Building 10– Rough-ins are near completion. City inspections will follow.

Building 5– Plumbing and HVAC completed. Electrical is nearing completion

Building 91- At rough in stage.

Building 4 & 8 – Back framing.

Building 3– Framing has been completed.

Such great progress is being made out here at Edison. Congratulations to everyone already moved in and stay tuned for more exciting updates as the development progresses.

The Avi Urban Edison Team