Edison At Walden: 5 fun gifts for your pet!

When it comes to pets it’s so easy to love and spoil those furry friends. Edison is a pet friendly development and we know they are part of what helps make a house a home. Being a Pinterest fanatic I decided to browse the pet category to see what’s new or trending. There is no lack of fun and creativity when it comes to products with some practical in there too. Here are a few of my favorite things for your pets that also make great gift ideas!

1.  Who ever thought a cat house could be so stylish and cute? The Cat Tipi from free people is! I don’t even have a cat but I would love one of these tucked in the corner of my living room! They also carry some cool patterned beds and tipi’s for dogs.

2.  Find yourself walking your pet at night? Check out these light up LED collars on ebay (original from www.liteyleash.com but they don’t deliever to Canada) It’s bright idea to keep you and your pet safe!

3. Doesn’t it sometimes seem like a dog could fetch for hours.. Well they can and you don’t have to wear out your arm with the Ifetch!  IFetch is an automatic ball launcher that throws balls when dropped in by owner. Teach your pet to drop the ball in this little machine and they can entertain themselves!

4. This one had me laughing and I’m positive it would bring some entertainment for everyone. The cat DJ Scratching deck is a funky scratching pad that I found on Amazon. Your cat can scratch away and look like he is laying down some beats!

5. And lastly in the spirit of the Spring, which should arrive any day now.. this genious “dog umbrella” is good for walks on those rainy days. Covering your pooch might seem a little silly but they stay nice and dry, which means a clean pet also no wet dog smell!

Let’s be honest maybe a few of these we’d enjoy a bit more more then the animals! These are just a few of my finds. You can share ideas and stuff you shower your pet with, on our Facebook page!

Pets are like family and are welcome at Edison, located in a community with lots of parks and paths your animals are sure to love your new Calgary town home too.

Melissa @Edison