Edison At Walden- Buyer profile: Meet Catherine and Mike!

We love when the word is spread around about these New Calgary Town homes. That’s exactly how Catherine and Mike found out about us! Thanks to her uncle who bought in here as well, we can now welcome them as the newest home owners here in Edison! First time buyers and definitely a great couple, here are a few questions to get to know who your newest neighbors will be.

Name: Catherine & Mike

New owner of: Jasmine D

Why you chose to call Edison your home?

Edison is a new, growing community and we are happy to have the convenient amenities walking distance from our YELLOW front door…. there isn’t any reason to leave Walden.

Your favorite thing about your new home?

Mikes favourite thing about our home is the heated garage to keep tools and workout equipment in… And I can’t wait to decorate the house!

What is your decorating style? Favorite piece you own?

We are excited to buy all new furniture for the house. We love our yellow door and will be incorporating bright and homey colors throughout the new home.

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Catherine- would be to read a book by fanning it in my face so I can acquire all of the knowledge from it.

Mike- to fly, so I can go on vacation whenever I want!

Most recent movie you watched? Would you recommend?

We watched Frozen with our nieces. Yes we recommend it, especially if you want to be singing the songs for days.

Weirdest thing you have eaten?

Mike- I enjoy cow testicle tacos in Mexico… “cojones de vaca”.

Catherine-  I ate porcupine after a safari in the Serengeti.

 First item on your bucket list?

Mike- to catch a 1,000 pound fish.

Catherine- already checked off climbing Kilimanjaro, my number one on the bucket list…. next is turning our Edison house into a family home.

Todd and myself are excited for you two, and your first home purchase in Edison! It’s people like you that are going to make this development and community a great place to live.

Melissa @Edison