Edison At Walden: Construction Update March 2015

Construction on your new Calgary town home is still progressing nicely. Take a read below for the most current update:

Building 11- All homeowners are moved in or moving in over the next week. Congratulations to all of you. Hope you are enjoying your new homes.

Building 10- Customer walk throughs happening and possessions set for March. Good luck moving to all of you home owners!

Building 5- Finishing touches such as cabinetry and flooring are almost complete. A few possessions are set for March and the rest in April.

Building 4- Drywall and taping is complete. Finishings now starting. Exterior siding finished and looks great!

Building 9- Building is insulated and drywalled. Exterior siding has started.

Building 8- Insulation is being installed and drywall has begun.

Building 3- Inspections are complete. Ready to begin insulating.

With only 6 buildings left to take possession it’s amazing how quickly Edison has grown and is transforming into a beautiful community.

Interested in being a home owner in this development? You haven’t missed out we still have 4 homes left! Come by our sales center at 283 Walden Drive and I will give you all the details!

Melissa @Edison