Edison At Walden: Construction Update January 2015

Feels like Spring is upon us but that is a few months away still! With all this beautiful weather progress at Edison is still moving along. Over 65% of home owners are now living in their new homes with the remaining home owners moving in over the next 6 months.

Building 12- Walk throughs and possessions are set! With home owners moving in over the next few weeks. Congratulations to all of you and good luck with the move.

Building 11- Finishing touches such as cabinetry and flooring are being installed. Possessions and walk throughs have been set for next month!

Building 10- Dry wall is complete with taping and painting to follow. Exterior siding is complete and looks great.

Building 5- This building is insulated with dry wall and texturing started. Exterior siding has begun.

Building 4- Rough ins are complete. Spray foam has started.

Building 9- Rough ins and back framing are complete.

Building 8- Frame check complete. Back framing and rough ins ongoing.

Building 3- Frame check complete. Rough ins have been started.

Each building is on schedule and Edison is looking awesome. When possessions are established there is a 30-45 day notice via email and then a letter is mailed. Please ensure we have your updated information to give you this exciting news!

Melissa @Edison