Edison At Walden: Construction Update – June 2014

What a beautiful week out here in Walden. These new Calgary townhomes are really taking shape. From framing to siding to patios, there is no lack of action out here at Edison! It’s exciting now that summer is approaching, because the landscaping and exteriors will be making huge strides over the warm months ahead. Here’s an update of what’s going on:

Building 1– Front patios and driveways have been poured! This front patio is going to shape into an awesome outdoor space. Excited for the completion of what the front exteriors will look like.

Building 2– Homeowners have taken possession! Yay! Congratulations to all you homeowners who are now settling in and making your new house a home. Front patio spaces have been formed and a few poured today. We got to see it in action, and we’re excited to see the final product.

Buildings 6 & 7– These homes are in the final stages of touch-ups with possessions happening the end of this month!

Building 16– Drywall is complete. Now heading into the finishing stages meaning cabinets, doors, and trim are being installed with flooring and painting following. Exterior siding is completed.

Building 17– These homes are insulated with drywall is being installed. Exterior siding is completed.

Buildings 18 & 15– Rough-ins complete. Waiting on inspections, with insulating the homes to follow. Windows are installed.

Buildings 19 & 14– Rough-ins in progress. Heating and plumbing are complete with electrical started.

Building 20– Roof is shingled and complete. Finishing back framing with rough-ins starting.

Building 13– These homes are being back framed on the interior. Roof is shingled and complete.

Building 11, 12, 5 & 10– All floors are framed, interior is being back framed. Roof is sheethed and shingled.

Building 9– Framing the third floor walls.

Building 4– First floor is being framed.

Building 8– Framing second floor joists.

Last but not least Building 3 (where our sales trailer was located) – Foundations to be dug and poured.

You may have noticed the trailer has now moved, it has gone to another site. Garbage enclosure one is now framed with roof on and garbage enclosure two foundation is poured. The flat works (patios and driveways) have begun pouring and will be making their way from building to building. Landscaping should also be starting soon, with the weather permitting of course!

Melissa @Edison