Edison At Walden: Construction Update March 2014

Here at your new Calgary townhome, it’s been exciting seeing all the progress on the exterior, the buildings going up, and the siding starting. What you can’t see is the progress on the interior! These past few weeks inside building one, the finishings have really been taking shape and these homes are looking awesome!

Building 1– Kitchens and electrical fixtures are in, with most of the backsplash and tile completed. Hardwood and carpet installations have started in the first few homes.

Building 2– Insulation is complete and drywall is starting to be installed. Exterior siding will be progressing in the next few weeks.

Building 6– Windows and doors are all installed. City inspections have been done on rough-ins. Next step is insulation, which will begin next week.

Building 7– Plumbing and HVAC are complete working on electrical. Almost complete rough-ins.

Building 16– Rough-ins are complete. Next step is insulation.

Building 17, 18 & 15– Back framing the interiors. Windows and doors are being installed.

Building 19 & 14– Third floor is being framed.

Building 20– Trusses are going up for framing the roof.

Building 13– Roof is almost complete. Next stage is shingling.

Building 11– First floor has started framing!

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Melissa @Edison