Edison At Walden- Scrub a hub-hub!

This dreadful time of the year everything is melting, the roads are a mess, making your mode of transportation a site for sore eyes. I would usually say the solution is only a walk away in Walden, but in this case you will need to drive in order to get that car sparkly clean! So a quick drive from your New Calgary Town Home you can access not only one but two car washes to keep your vehicle looking like a beauty.

In the Walden shopping complex, the Esso gas station has a touchless drive through car wash. When purchased along with gas it gets you a two dollar discount! Like to do it yourself? Located just a few minutes further on 194th Ave just past Chaparral Blvd is the Chaparral Truck, car and pet wash. Coin operated you can spend as much or little time washing your vehicle as you like. Have a dirty dog? Bring them along and give them a good scrub inside at the pet wash!

Spring is hopefully upon us soon. A little tip is to double check Calgarys crazy weather before giving your car a wash. If you are one of those people who jynx the weather, maybe do us all a favor and wait until next year to clean it!

Melissa @Edison