Edison At Walden: Tee time is just around the corner!

Looks like spring is creeping in, finally! All those outdoor activities you enjoy doing are now becoming easier and more accessible. One great sport to pass the time is golfing! Luckily, there’s an incredible golf course located just minutes from Edison. Located at the end of 194th Ave SE, just down the street from your new Calgary townhome, is Blue Devil golf course.

Get your slacks cleaned and plaid shirts pressed, because weather permitting this golf course is set to open next weekend, April 12th! This public golf course features 18 hole course or the Lil Devil 9 hole course for those just beginning to learn or want a quick round. They also have clubs available to rent and a club house with full dining room that seats 24-300 people.

This is also available as a wedding venue for anyone looking for a great spot. Need to host a stag or a work function? How about make it a golf tournament! Sitting in the serene valley of Fish Creek Park Blue Devil golf course is sure to give you a challenging but awe-inspiring experience.

For more information on tee times and pricing you can visit their website. With spring weather approaching, what past time will you be enjoying?

Melissa @Edison

Photos courtesy of www.globeandmail.com & www.mkphotos.ca