February Design Trend: Exposed Lighting

The showhome designers at Avi Urban are constantly discovering new finds and are up on the latest trends in home décor.

This winter, they’re cozying up inside and making it a little brighter – with exposed lighting! Showhome decorator Marnie Galbraith shows how you can use this new trend in your home:

This month, we’re loving the look of exposed lighting. It’s a fresh and contemporary trend this year, and we’re seeing it in a variety of places, from offices to boutiques. It makes a statement because the look is both utilitarian and minimalistic, while still being vintage inspired.

There are lots of ways to make this look happen in your new place. Try having either a totally exposed light bulb on a unique cord, or a few bulbs clustered together for a cool chandelier-type fixture. We’ve also seen exposed bulbs caged in glass or framed in metal frames. This look gives you a designer look, often on an affordable budget.

We’ve been able to find these bulbs in plenty of stores, including our preferred lighting store, Carrington Lighting. You can also find exposed bulbs online, or even at the local hardware store! We’re seeing this trend pop up everywhere.

If you’re willing to sacrifice a little light, using a filament bulb will give you a little more of an industrial glow. In addition to their unique look, they also offer a cozy, warm feel in almost any room – and we’re all for them!

Check out our Pinterest board for tons of ways to use this trend in your new place.