February Design Trend: Personalize Your Place

At Avi Urban, our stylish interior designers are always up on the latest trends. As our designer Julie Punter explains, this month is all about loving your home – by personalizing it!

We know that it can be a scary task to move into a brand new home and start with a blank canvas. This month, we’re into personalizing your home to make it a place you’ll love, and a place that’s all yours. Here are five ways to make your home your own:

1.       Chalk It Up: One of the fun trends right now is using chalkboard paint to add character to any room in the house. We love using it in the kitchen as a makeshift grocery list, message board or art display. It’s especially awesome for the little ones in the house, since they’ll get the chance to draw on walls. Fun!

2.       Wall, Paper, Scissors: Wallpaper can make a huge statement with very little effort. There are tons of easy “peel and stick” options available, and a simple pattern can inject personality into a room.  If you’re into cozy rooms, try a grass cloth wallpaper to add texture and warmth. If you love graphic prints and bright colours, use a damask or lattice wallpaper for some serious impact.

3.       Mural Dilemma: Wondering what to do with a blank wall? Paint your own mural! It’s easy with stencils or traceable cutouts, or commission the artist in the family. Try something like a cityscape for a kid’s room, or just paint dots using the glossy version of your current paint colour. Personalize your TV room with your favourite sports team logo, or use your favourite colours to create something totally unique. If painting is not your thing, vinyl decals are another great option and can be purchased at most craft and hardware stores.

4.       Major Monogram: Monograms are really in right now. We like the idea of getting your monogram stitched onto a pillow (there are tons of options on Etsy.com), or using wall decals and lettering to create your name or monogram in any room.  It instantly adds a customized look.

5.       Photos, Photos, Photos: Photos are probably the easiest way to make your home your own. Instead of just using photos of people, try creating canvases with photos you’ve taken on trips (like the street sign canvases above). Most photo shops and major craft stores can easily print your own photos onto a canvas. Or, create a photo gallery on your wall using the same coloured frames for consistency. We like using black and white photos of family and friends for these galleries.

Whatever you choose to do, personalizing your place can make it a place you’ll love coming home to. Questions for our designers? Comment below or check out our Pinterest boards for more inspiration.