Having it All in Mission: Our Top 5 Places to Get Fit

After YYC Poutine Week and the upcoming Alberta Burger Fest, you might be looking for a little physical activity to offset all those eating hours you’ve been putting in.  We want to show you our top 5 picks for places to get sweaty in and around Mission, that aren’t just your regular gym!  The great thing about this neighbourhood is that the fitness places are just as close as the food places.

  1. Calgary Pilates Centre-#200 2424 4th St SW
    Pilates is a true full body workout. If you like the thought of increasing your strength, flexibility, posture, and muscle tone, then get over to Calgary Pilates Centre. They offer a variety of classes, private, and semi-private sessions, so you can get your butt kicked alone, or in a group! If you like variety in your workouts, and form is important to you, then this place will be a great fit. For first timers they offer a private session so you can learn the basics of the movement, and proper form.  It’s a great option if you like workouts tailored to you, especially if you’re recovering from any sort of injury.  That being said, it’s no easy workout, your abs will be burning, but they will look so good!
  2. One Cycle-2115 4th St SW
    It’s basically a dance party on a bike. One Cycle offers 50 minute classes, that will make you sweat, possibly more than you’ve ever sweat before, but you leave feeling like you can conquer the world. You can push yourself as much as you want, but the atmosphere and music make it easy to test those limits. With a variety of instructors, you can find the person who motivates you the best and plays the music you like. It’s a low impact workout that will work your entire body, especially with that weights track half way through class, you’ll be burning those calories like nobody’s business.
  3. Yoga Santosha-#320 1800 4th St SW
    If you need a little zen in your life, then Yoga Santosha is the place to find it. They have been around since 2007, and offer a huge range of classes, hot and regular, for all skill levels, ranging in difficulty. They also do prenatal yoga classes, classes for mom’s and babies, and a yoga barre class that combines yoga, pilates, and ballet. Yes it burns, but you can also go for a restorative class to give those muscles a little active recovery time.
  4. Ballet Barre Works-1410 4th St Sw
    If you’ve never tried any sort of barre workout, you’re in for a real treat. Owner, Kalyn Swihart is the most bubbly, adorable person you’ve ever met, but don’t think that means she’ll go easy on you. Ballet Barre is hard, but it’s amazing for your coordination, and you get the hang of it quickly, no dance experience required. You’ll use a barre to support you while you do ballet exercises, with a serious core and leg workout thrown in there on the mat. It’s a great way to improve posture, cardiovascular health, and tone basically every muscle in your body. Get a group together, and you can laugh your way through this great workout.
  5. Studio Revolution Fitness-313 17th Ave SW
    Studio Revolution is all about the SURFSET® method, which gets you working on your balance, core, burns fat and builds lean muscle. Workouts happen on a custom made surfboard that moves like you’re in waves. They offer 6 different types of classes with interval style exercises, yoga on a surfboard, and Throw Back Thursday where you work out to some old school jams. It’s a seriously challenging workout, but there’s nothing quite like it out there, they even say you’ll see results within 2 classes!  They also offer TRX workouts, and personal training, it’s a one stop shop to your fitness goals.

There’s no reason not to get out and be active around Mission.  If you’re not a gym person, there are still plenty of options, not to mention the great outdoors and beautiful river pathways!  Now you can go ahead and feast on those Alberta Burger Fest creations, then work it off afterwards.  Of course, if you’re interested in learning more about our upcoming development, Duke at Mission, make sure you register here!