Home Buyer Love – A Personal Touch from Edison to Jackson

At Avi Urban we do our best to build homes and communities that people can be proud to call their own. We stay in touch with homeowners on a regular basis to find out what we did well and what we can do to improve, knowing that feedback is a gift to us. We’ve received incredible feedback over the years and cherish the interactions we have with our homeowners.

As we keep building homes, we often wonder what our past homeowners think. And we don’t often come across an article about Avi Urban by one of our homeowners! We had an amazing experience with one of the homeowners in Edison at Walden, who wrote about her experiences with Avi Urban in the purchase of her new home and her recent visit to the Jackson at Walden Sales Centre, so we want to share it with you.

Andrea Oh, also known as the “six foot Canasian”, is a local blogger and adventurer who writes about locally owned and operated businesses that are doing amazing things, locations in the city to visit and events that can’t be missed. Lucky for us, she wrote a very heartfelt story about Avi Urban and how we’ve helped her family make Calgary their home.

We shared a bit of what she wrote below and invite you to read the rest of her story at Saying Yes to the (AD) dress – Avi Urban. She also took pictures from all four of the show homes at Jackson at Walden and you can find them on her Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram pages.

Once you read her story you will truly understand why we do what we do at Avi Urban. We are privileged to build homes and communities for Albertans … one home at a time.

Here’s a little snippet of her story….

Written by The Six Foot Canasian (andrea@sixfootcanasian.com)

When I moved back to Calgary in 2014, after living abroad for several years, I was ready for a fresh start. After living in various cities throughout the United States, I quickly realized the things that mattered most to me were back here in Canada … my family and that feeling of being “at home”. Born and raised in the Yukon, surrounded by rivers and mountains (but a town that was just too small for my BIG personality), Calgary naturally felt like my second “home”. When I decided to move back I knew it was going to be the last one I would make.

After being away for nearly a decade, the city had certainly changed! It became more “metropolitan” and showcased an exciting new personality that I immediately fell in love with! With a population of over 1.5 million people, Calgary has now put itself on the map as a destination location for visitors from around the world. I was excited to be back, exploring the Calgary that I knew, seeing how it had changed, and introducing myself to new communities that might eventually become my next home.

Not My First Home Buying “Rodeo”

Not a fan of renting……

 …..To read more of her story, go to Saying Yes to the (AD) dress – Avi Urban