Homes by Avi – A Unique Partnership with Jack James High School

What can we say about Homes by Avi’s almost 20-year partnership with Jack James High School that hasn’t already said?  This has been written about on a number of occasions, discussing the benefits of alternative education, Homes by Avi’s involvement with the students, and what exactly the kids in the program do.

For those of you who are new to the blog, here it is in a nutshell: Jack James High School focuses less on tests and grades, and more on experiential learning.  They try to get their students workplace ready by exposing them to possible career paths. As part of the construction program, students work alongside our staff to build the first floor of a home that, when completed, is sold, with the profits benefiting the program in future years.

Every year, when the home is completed, we invite the students to come and take a tour, so they can see, first-hand, what they contributed to.  It’s a fun morning, complete with photos, food, and a few words from Avi himself.  And it was during this year’s event that we found yet another thing to say about this amazing program.

A few months ago, we put together a very moving video (have the Kleenex handy) about our involvement with Jack James.  In it, we talked to a student named Truman.  Truman is bright, approachable, and a truly great spokesperson for the program.  In the video, he talks about how attending Jack James and being part of Homes by Avi’s initiative changed his life, a sentiment that he repeated to me at this year’s home unveiling.

No one in Truman’s family had ever completed high school, and, for a time, it appeared as if Truman was headed down the same path.  Then he started at Jack James.  Now he works for PCL Construction, he’s returned to school to take more courses, and he has plans to, one day, start his own home building company … watch out Avi!

We are so fortunate to work with Jack James.  Why?  Because the partnership that we share changes lives.  And that’s the bottom line.  Really, what more can you say after that?