Host your own Stampede party!

Yup. Stampede is here again. And as if there weren’t enough parties to go to, we think you should host your own so people can come to your party. It’s a great way to kick back and have some fun, it’s unique to Calgary and it’s a costume party! Those are all great reasons to throw a party!

We have compiled a list of the essentials for hosting your own Stampede party:

  1. Oh haaaaaayyyyy! – You know what we’re talking about! That’s right, you need a hay bale! No Stampede party is complete without it! Place it at your front entry way so guests can sit on it and put their cowboy boots on and off, or in your outdoor living spaces so you have a seating area.
  2. Barrel of fun! – Place a few Western barrels on your patio, outdoor living space or in your great room, and they make a perfect table to your guests to put their food and drinks on.
  3. Wheel ’em out! – A nice touch to the theme is to place a few wagon wheels by the hay bales or outside on the patio.
  4. Ya-hoo! – Nothin’ gets a party going like some music! Make sure you have all the hottest country hits on your playlist, or play a kickin’ country playlist from your favourite music app.
  5. Grub grub – Since there are so many free pancake breakfasts in the city, you’re gonna throw an afternoon/evening party so plan your menu accordingly. You can either have it catered and tailor a Western themed menu with items like pulled pork, brisket and ribs, or fire up the grill and throw on some burgers, dogs or even a roast!
  6. Poppin’ off – No party is complete without some bevies! Make sure you have a mix of non-alcoholic an alcoholic drinks for all your friends! Would help if you had a couple of tin tubs and filled them up with ice to keep all the bevies cool.
  7. Lookin’ good! – The most essential part of the party – what you’re going to wear! Pull out the cowboy hat, dust off your boots, iron your bestest plaid and your fav jeans and you’re ready to party! A nice idea is to keep some Western bandannas on hand, so if any of your friends show up sans costume, you have a quick fix!
  8. Safe not sorry – Let your friends know that you can help them make arrangements for a ride home if they need it. You can arrange for a designated driver for the night or arrange taxis when it’s time to go. Either way, be a good host and help them get home safe!

Oh. Be a good neighbour and let them know you’re having a party. Invite them, and apologize in advance for all the YEE-HAWS and YA-HOOS they’ll be hearing if they choose to skip your party.

Happy Stampeding!

Photo cred to:
Hay bale:
Wheel barrel:Benny Lin
Ribs: Paolo Valdemarin