The house that Jack James built.

It’s been months since they powered up a saw or swung a hammer, but yesterday, a group of Jack James High School students relived those moments when the home that they worked so hard to help build was revealed in its completion during an official ribbon cutting ceremony.

The students took on the task of building a home as part of Jack James’ partnership with Homes by Avi Group of Companies. Jack James is an alternative high school that takes a Knowledge and Employability approach to learning in an attempt to successfully transition students from high school to the workplace. By working alongside Homes by Avi Group of Companies staff, students gain insight into the home building industry and learn about possible trade careers.

Yesterday was the first time that the students were able to see the finished home, which, for Christian Orme, Homes by Avi’s corporate marketing manager, is a very important part of the project. “I love being inside the home when the students walk in,” says Orme. “So many of them are floored, and you can tell that they’re proud of not only the work they did, but how that work contributed to this beautiful home. There’s a sense of accomplishment.”

Each year, the build begins on school grounds. The home is then moved to a foundation for completion. This year’s home is located in the northwest community of Evansridge. The sale of the home benefits the program in future years.

In addition to Jack James, Homes by Avi Group of Companies works with a number of other city schools, including Ernest Morrow and Bishop Kidd. Artistic expression and the exploration of possible career paths are at the heart of all of Homes by Avi’s initiatives, with students participating in show home art projects, career days, and construction field trips.

Avi Urban is so proud to be part of the Homes by Avi Group of Companies and this initiative.