How We Design Your House

Avi Urban is all about designing contemporary and beautiful homes that reflect how our homeowners live. We were inspired by’s “10 Favorite Houses of 2011,” especially their Favorite Traditional House.

Michael Jacobson, our resident design expert and Director of Product Development, tells you why we choose traditional architectural design when looking for inspiration:

“While building a thoroughly contemporary home, we do look to traditional architectural styles and examples for inspiration.  If we are going to design a Craftsman or a Colonial style exterior, we do the research and make sure we get the details correct. The Favorite Traditional House does an admirable job of this.

Calgary and its citizens are becoming more diverse, as are their housing needs… and we see this as an opportunity to design and build some very unique homes.  We look to projects like the Favorite Little House with a Big View for inspiration in designing smaller, but incredibly livable spaces.”