How We Go Green

With St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, our team is getting ready to go green. Of course, at Avi Urban we always have green on the mind through our environmentally friendly building practices.

Phong Lui has been on our team for 12 years and is one of our Built Green-certified Project Coordinators. He is currently working on the Victoria Cross Townhomes, which are Built Green Gold Certified. So how does Phong work to choose environmentally responsible options?

“Every day, we make environmentally conscious decisions in how we construct homes,” he explains. “Day in and day out, we are regularly reviewing new materials and building practices to ensure we are choose responsible options when it makes sense.” From Low-E windows to high efficiency furnaces, our standard choices are often the environmentally friendly choices.

One of those options is sourcing local product. “When we build, a lot of our lumber comes from sustainable forests. Close to 90% of the products we choose are made within an 800km radius from our construction site.”

Many of the environmentally friendly building choices at Avi Urban make sense for the homeowner as well. “As an example, we make sure our studs are 24 inches apart instead of 16 inches. We’re not wasting lumber, it’s structurally sound, and we’re able to put more insulation into the walls which help our homeowners use less energy.” Plus, we work with the right people, as Phong shares, “Quite a few of our staff are Built Green certified, as well as many of the trades teams that we work with.”

On top of it all, we use renewable energy when possible. Says Phong, “Our sales centers and offices are Bullfrog Powered.”

Our construction methods and practices at Avi Urban help to ensure that we always evaluate the environmental impacts of our activities and choose, where possible, the most responsible option.