Incorporate Style in Your Storage-DIY Project

In the spirit of Spring and spring cleaning, our showhome designers have come up with an easy DIY project to create some beautiful and unique storage solutions for your home.  We’re creating moveable storage by using milk crates and attaching wheels to them.

What you’ll need:
Milk Crates Screws
Furniture Casters (wheels)
Spray paint (about one can per crate)
Drill or screw driver

Crates were purchased at Michael’s for $17.99 each.  The rest of the supplies can be bought at any local hardware store.  The total cost for all supplies was $120.

Step 1.
Spray crates the desired colour.  You can use a primer, but this isn’t necessary.  You can also use regular paint, but spray paint gives the crate more of a shabby chic look.  Let paint dry fully.

Step 2.
Screw crates together.  You can use as few or as many crates as you want.  We used 3 on top of another in our example, but feel free to attach more to make it taller, or to the sides to make it wider.

Step 3.
Screw wheels onto the bottom of the crate, flip the crates over and you’re done!

For painting and assembly this project takes about an hour, plus drying time for the paint.  You can paint crates different colours, feel free to be creative and put some beautiful and functional storage pieces into your space!