Jackson at Walden: 5 Tips for Planning Your Winter Vacation

As the snow flies and Calgary transforms into a winter wonderland, it’s time to start adjusting to the cold temperatures and long dark months, and start planning your next escape. If you’re thinking about a vacation, here are some of my personal tips:

  • Try different sites/apps: When looking for your holiday getaway, take the time to compare prices to find the best deal (make sure you look at the flight details to see how desirable your flight itinerary is for you).
  • Delete your cookies/use different devices (iPad, cell phone, a different computer): This time of year is typically a little more expensive due to the high demand, so make sure you hunt for the best deals possible! When you find the right vacation for you, use a different device to book the holiday, which could save you some money you.
  • Make copies of your personal and travel documents: You can never be too safe when it comes to traveling to foreign countries with your family so make sure you always have copies of imporatnt travel documents in case you lose anything.
  • Pack necessities on your carry on: Luggage gets lost all the time, and there’s nothing worse than being in a new place without the essentials. Even if it’s just lost for a day or two, packing things like a bathing suit, pair of shorts (if your destination is hot), toiletries, and other necessities will soften the blow in the event your bag gets lost.
  • Check-in online or with your airline app on your phone: I religiously do this. Set an alarm on your phone 24 hours prior to your flight and check-in for yourself and your travel companions. This will help ensure you get the best seats possible, are able to sit together and you’ll reduce your wait times in by skipping those pesky lines at the airport.

Safe travels,

Amanda @ Jackson