Jackson at Walden – A pet friendly ‘hood

In Jackson at Walden, your pets will feel at home just as much as you will. Taking your favourite furry friend for a walk is just minutes from your doorstep. With an abundance of surrounding green paths, Jackson at Walden is steps away from wetland areas and several winding walking paths. Or, if you’re more of a let loose, off leash kind of spirit like your furry friend, the Spruce Meadows off leash is less than 15 minutes away.

After a day of strolling the winding paths, or running free at the off leash, your pet needs some fuel to reenergize! Pets are part of the family and you want to ensure they have the best products and food.  A quick trip to the store has never been easier, with Pet Planet in Walden Gate.  Treat your furry friend to some treats, quality pet food and a variety of other things that will make them bark!

You never want to think of your pet getting sick, but from time to time, you need the services of a veterinarian.  Chaparral Veterinarian Clinic is just down the road.  This family run clinic offers a full spectrum of needs, from wellness examination, vaccines and surgeries, to grooming and cat boarding.

Jackson at Walden town homes by Avi Urban, nestled in the community of Walden, will make a great home for your pet….and for you!

Mary Ann @Jackson