Jackson at Walden: August Construction Update

Hi Everyone;

Some very cool new details on the Jackson at Walden site. Our crews are working so hard to keep us rolling along even through the unique weather we’ve had this summer.

I’m excited to share with you the pictures I took, along with an update for each building in phase 1 & 2!

Here it is:

Building 8 & 9- Back framing continues, and the roof will be going on shortly, as you can see in the pictures they are working away.

Building 10- Back framing continues, rough-in’s are in progress, and electrical & mechanical have started. The power for the H-vac, furnace, plumbing, garage doors etc.

Building 16 & 17 – The foundations have been poured, and inspections are in progress. Framing will proceed once the interior roads are finished. Est. Mid September.

The interior roads are currently being worked on String-lines started today. Crews will continue to work on the roads, preparation for the curb pour is on-going.  Roads are expected to be complete mid-late September.

Once the roads are complete we will start to see more framing, more roofing, and perhaps by next months blog we might even see that siding has started!!!

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Take care.

Until next time,

Whitney @ Jackson