Jackson at Walden: Buyer Profile

Jackson at Walden proudly welcomes Alice and Kyle to our community in Walden.

We are thrilled Alice and Kyle spent the time with us, such a talented and friendly young couple.

Proud new owners of the Carmine!

What was it about Walden that attracted you? 

We like the area as it is along Macleod trail and that gives my fiancé Alice access to transit and is an easy route to work for myself. The amenities of the area means we do not have to go far to get all of our weekly errands done with the shopping complex there in Walden and everything else up the road at the Shawnessy plaza. The ability to get out of town quickly is great as it is right by 22x that allows us to go into the Foothills and mountains.

What was it about the Carmine floor plan that interested you?

The Carmine, and the close runner up Auburn floor plans, offer great value similar to a house the same size, with great upgrades at a better value. The green space out back is a huge bonus as it offers a backyard with no maintenance, and with flexibility to have a dog in the future. The homes are modern and upscale and the sales team are professional, friendly, fun and help take the stress out of purchasing a home.

 The Carmine is extremely open and bright with all of the windows and an amazing kitchen, which was the main selling point for Alice and I as we are chefs.

What would you say is your number one about your new home?

How open the main floor is.

How did you hear about us? 

We saw the showhomes as we were going to see others in the area.

If you had a super power what would it be? 

 The force! 🙂

What were your childhood nicknames? 

Kyle: Hamster 

Alice: Alibaba

We heard you and Alice are chef’s… would you like to tell us more about that? 

We graduated from SAIT in 2004. I have my  Red Seal and have been a head chef for the past six years. We both love to cook on our off time but the job is stressful and demands a lot. It is a lot of fun and keeps us young. Never a dull day.

What is your favorite food? 

Kyle: A perfect burger          

Alice: Sushi

What would you say is one cool thing you can do, like a trick or an impression of some kind?

Kyle: Herbert from family guy impression.

Kyle and Alice, thank you again for spending time with us, letting us get to know you and becoming family along the way.                        

We cannot wait until we give you your keys! 

Until next time.

Whitney @ Jackson.