Jackson at Walden- Did You Know?

Moving in to a new neighbourhood can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know much about your community.

Let me help guide you through this journey, as we learn about Jackson at Walden together!

Did you know that Walden was named after a book?

Published in the 1800’s- by Henry David Thoreau, his book -Life in the Woods- was part memoir, part quest. Thoreau wrote about a place where he traveled, and lived a very simple life. “A reflection upon living simple in natural surroundings.”

Makes absolute sense to me!  Jackson at Walden– surrounded by gorgeous parks and pathways and minutes away from Fish Creek ParkSikome LakeSpruce Meadows,  luscious green spaces and neighbouring acreages.   You are living in some of Calgary’s most beautiful natural surroundings.

Take a drive out here and see for yourself. Minutes from Calgary’s city center, you will see what I mean.

Stay tuned for more from Whitney at Jackson on fun facts about Jackson in the beautiful community of Walden.

Until next time,

Whitney @ Jackson.

 Photo cred to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and  the guardian