Jackson at Walden: Hacks for Halloween Decorating

I absolutely LOVE Halloween! If you’re anything like me, decorating everything – inside and out – starts on October 1 every year. Whether you’re throwing a spooky Halloween party, entertaining a handful of little ghouls, or simply handing out candy, here are a few Halloween hacks to help keep your budget down.

  • Bloody Pillar CandleTake a white pillar candle and place it on a spooky holder, then simply take a red candle and allow the wax to drip onto the top and down the sides.
  • Mummify the Front Door: Use some white paper streamers and wrap them around your front door, then add two big, googly eyes on poster board, place them underneath, and voila!
  • Spider Egg Sacks: Get some white stockings, stuff the bottoms and glue on a bunch of black baby spiders. Hang these creepy decorations from the ceiling and really gross out your guests.
  • Fang Napkin Holder: Admit it, you’ve tried on fake fangs a one time or another. You can pick these bad boys up at any Halloween or dollar store, and add that little extra to your dinner party!
  • Bat Wall Art: Use black cardstock or construction paper, fold in half, and then cut out bats using this free template. Tape them to the walls and doors, inside and out!

Have a spook-tacular Halloween and happy decorating!

Until next time,

Amanda @ Jackson