Jackson at Walden: How to Properly Purge the Clutter

We all do it. We all have those just in case items we keep around for well… just in case. Just in case we go camping and we want something nice but old to wear. Or the what if I go to Vegas outfit. Or, I especially like the my mom gave it to me, and I think it’s kind of sweet.
If you haven’t worn it in a year, part with it. Trust me, you have nicer stuff then the poor item tucked away in the what if pile.

I like these candles, what if I need or want some candles one day? This kind of stuff can go into the deal with it box, and once you are finished with one room, you should have a better idea of how much you actually need to get rid of but more importantly what you CAN get rid of.

This blog has really been fun for me! As I will also be purging quite a bit of unused items from my house.  I just recently moved, and I’ve been noticing how much stuff I have that I do not need or use anymore. Purging can be fun!

Jackson at Walden has some neat tricks for clearing up your unwanted clutter. Here are a few simple steps to help you get the stage set for the purging process:

Step 1:  Organize.  Gather a few medium sized boxes and identify which room you should start in.  Now label each box: one for garbage,  another for donations/ giveaways, and the third for deal with it (this will be your undecided box.) Be strict with yourself and don’t let the deal with it box get too full. Purging is a serious process and you don’t want to have to sort too much when you are done the initial sorting.

Step 2: Categorize. Identifying which box the items go into. Do you use it? Do you wear it? When was the last time you needed it, wanted it, wore it, or used it? If it is broken it goes into the garbage box. It can then be sorted afterward if it should be recycled, etc. If it can be used by another person, and you are finished with it- it goes it the donations box.

Step 3: Strategize.  When garbage box and donations box is full, REMOVE it from your house immediately! You do not want unwanted clutter to start piling up. At this time, take a break and sort through the deal with it box. Process of elimination helps at this stage, and remember you CAN do it!

Repeat steps one through three on your next room/space. Ta-dddaaa!!! Clean and organized!!! Purge complete.

When you’re ready to donate, there are many places in Calgary to donate your unwanted items:

The Women in Need Society, with various locations in the city.
The Goodwill Industries of Alberta  has central locations that support individuals throughout our province.
The Calgary Inter-Faith Furniture Society is also a great place to donate unwanted gently used furniture.
The Calgary Drop-in Center, drop-off or pick-up.
The Mustard Seed, and the Walk-in Closet are other places that will accept clothes and personal care items. Drop-off only.

Until next time,

Whitney @ Jackson.

Photo cred:
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