Jackson at Walden: In the community

Sunsets can be dangerous. Have you noticed how blinding the sun is during that drive home from work?

As summer comes to an end the days are becoming shorter and shorter. We want everyone to be careful, slow down and take their time.  Our kids are going back to school and school zones are in effect.

Jackson at Walden would like to remind everyone about speed limits in residential communities. If it’s not posted, use caution and proceed going 50 km/hr. When you see fields, parks or pathways make sure you are watching for children and pedestrians.

The Calgary City Police and community watch groups are out monitoring all school and playground zones to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

To slow the traffic down an slow (speed monitoring device) has been installed at 196th Ave, and the speed limit has been lowered to 50 km/hr.

Be safe out there folks.

Until next time,

Whitney @ Jackson

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