Jackson at Walden: July Construction Update

Hi Everyone!

Some exciting news to share with you. A bunch of new updates happening over at the Jackson at Walden site.

Our construction crews sure have been busy this month! Let me fill you in.

For starters, some new holes have been made for the standing forms on building 16 and 17! Excavations, standing forms, and concrete foundations will be poured next week, followed by framing.

Building 10– The roof is finished, and the windows have been installed. Along with rough ins, which have also started (pluming, electrical etc.)

Building eight and nine – The roof, windows and rough-ins will start next week.

Shallow utilities are finished so our site will have power. Gas, Telus and Shaw are also included.

The most exciting news is we will be starting the interior roads next week. This process will take five to six weeks to complete. They build the sub-grade, cut out the roadway, and build up the curbs with gravel, then finish with gravel and asphalt.

It was really nice to see our construction crews so busy yesterday, I cannot wait to see all the new changes.

Until next time,

Whitney @ Jackson