Jackson at Walden – June construction update

We’re moving along quickly in Jackson at Walden! Possessions are now set and our lucky homeowners in Building 17 and 12 will get to enjoy their new digs by the end of June. What a great way to start the summer!

Here’s a quick update on all the progress we’ve been making:

Building 10,9,8 and 16 – Completed and all homeowners have taken possession.

Building 11 & 18 – Final inspections are taking place and possessions are set for July.

Building 12 & 17 – Final inspections are taking place, with possessions taking place this month.

Building 15 – Back framing has begun and spray foam, drywall and texturing is next.

Building 1 –  The exterior is now complete and the interior is progressing.

Building 7 – Rough-ins are underway and spray foam and drywall are next up.

Building 6 – The final framing stage and roof are now complete.

Building 2 – Boarding and siding has started on the exterior, while drywall and texture are underway inside.

Building 3,4,5,13, 14 – Foundations will begin soon.

Around the site – Landscaping has begun.

Until next month!

Mikendra @ Jackson