Jackson at Walden: March Construction Update

Construction is moving fast in Jackson at Walden, with 11 of 18 buildings completed or actively under construction! We’ve completed construction on the first building and homeowers have moved in.

Here is where construction is sitting this month:

Building 10 – Completed! Homeowners have moved in and two new showhomes are now open!

Building 9 –Finishing is well underway, texture is complete and the cabinets and countertops are installed, and tile work is starting.

Building 8 – Drywall and texturing is complete, and the cabinets have been delivered. The exterior Tyvek wrap is complete and siding is well underway.

Building 16 – We’re finishing up with drywall and getting ready to start the texturing. Meanwhile on the exterior, Tyvek Wrap is finishing and Siding is well underway.

Building 17 – Rough-ins are finishing up, insulation has been delivered and will start after the Tyvek wrap is complete. The Tyvek wrap and siding have started.

Building 18 – Rough-ins are in the final stages.

Building 11 – Framing is finished, windows are installed and rough-ins are starting.

Building 12 – Rough-ins are well underway.

Building 1 – Framing is finishing up, rough-ins will be starting soon and the windows are in.

Building 2 – Framing is well underway, exterior framing is complete and we’re working on the internal framing.

Building 15 – Framing is well underway on the third floor.

Building 6 & 7 – Foundations are poured and back-filled, we’re just waiting for our framers to finish the other buildings before they are able to start these buildings.

Buildings 3, 4, 5, 13 & 14 – Foundations will start in the spring.

Around the Site – The garbage enclosure framing is complete, siding is almost done and the over head garage door was installed.

Until next time,

TaraLynn @ Jackson