Jackson at Walden: Buyer Profile

Jackson at Walden welcomes Jon and Irene to our family!  They are an adventurous couple that likes to spend time in the mountains during the summer or winter.  They love to travel and have been to some amazing places!  From the top of Kilimanjaro to the peaks of Patagonia.  Now they are venturing down the path of home ownership and decided to buy with us.
We are honoured that they sat down with us to share some of the reasons why they settled in Jackson.

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Iris 2

How did you first hear about us?
We first heard about Jackson in the newspaper. Then through social media.

What drew you to the community of Walden?
We love that it’s a new community. We love the look and the architecture of the homes. The homes are funky, edgy and unique compared to the other communities in the city.

Why did you decide to call Jackson your home?
We chose Jackson because it ticks many of our boxes. From the open floor plan and the dual masters to the three car parking, it meets a lot of what we were looking for.

What is your favourite thing about your new home?
We love how much light gets into our home.

What will you enjoy doing most in your new home?
Decorating our home with our many mementos from our trips will certainly be up there but what we will enjoy the most is finally living together and having a place to call our home.

We thank Jon and Irene for allowing us the chance to get to know them and we are very excited about handing over the keys to their new home!

Cathy and Aimee @ Jackson