Jackson at Walden: Buyer Profile

Wondering who is going to be calling Jackson at Walden home? Well meet the new neighbour, Kaylee!

Tell us a bit about yourself

  • Born and raised in Okotoks, so not going toooo far out of my comfort zone, but pretty close!! I love outdoor activities, so I cant wait for the courtyard! I enjoy all winter activities too, so I will be doing that most weekends.
  • I also love to read and drink wine!! And do other things and drink wine… haha! I am a pretty outgoing person and love making new friends!!!

How did you hear about us?

  •  My lovely realtor Sharon Stone – she’s the best 🙂

What drew you to the community of Walden?

  •  I’ve always loved Walden! Mostly because I love Save-on-Foods and I think it has the first one in Calgary. But now I love it even more because it’s grown so much, it is so adorable and seems to be filled with younger people like myself.

Why did you choose to call Jackson home?

  •  I love the layouts and the feel of the community.

What is the favorite thing about your new home?

  •  THE CARPET – it’s so soft! Oh and having my own place… that’s always a bonus.

What will you enjoy doing most in your new home?

  • Having friends over for wine!!!