Jackson at Walden: November 2016 Construction Update

This has been a beautiful start to Fall! The nice weather is sure helping our construction team, who is working quickly on Jackson at Walden. Taking advantage of this nice weather means we can get more of the footing and foundation concrete done before winter hits. It also means siding work happens a bit faster. Hopefully the nice weather lasts for a while yet!

Here are where each Building is at (in order of approx. completion):

Building 10 – Rough-ins are complete and work has started on the exteriors with siding starting

Building 9 – Framing is complete, the roof and windows are now done. Rough-ins have started

Building 8 – Framing is complete the roof is now done and windows are going in. Soon rough-ins will start

Building 16 – Finalizing the completion of framing, the roof is also on!

Building 17 – Framing is getting close to completion

Building 18 – Foundations are complete and framing will begin soon

Building 11 – Foundations are in the final stag of completion

Building 12 – Foundations are complete and framing has started on the garage level

Buildings 1 – Foundation walls are poured, backfilling is going to start soon

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 15 – All Other Buildings footing and foundation walls are in the process of being completed and then framing will begin in order of completion schedule.

Until next time

TaraLynn @ Jackson at Walden