Jackson at Walden: Parks in the community

Jackson at Walden is about more than our stylish townhomes; it’s about experiencing all that the community of Walden has to offer!  Here are some of our favourite spots to bring your family, kids or pups when you’re ready to burn off some energy.

Walden Playground

  • This fun park, located next to the traffic circle on Walden Drive and Walden Parade, is tucked behind luscious over-sized trees and the jungle gyms are complete with slides, climbing apparatuses and more. Just enough to keep the little ones entertained for hours.

Walden Field

  • This is the large field located right next to Jackson (on Walden Drive and Walden Blvd.). It’s awesome for getting in some exercise and it’s definitely popular for all the four legged residents in Jackson.

Walden Community Duck Pond

  • This recreational area features a network of walking paths, play areas for kids, athletic amenities, a beautifully landscaped and naturalized pond, and tons of fields to explore just NE of Jackson at Walden.

Sikome Lake and Fish Creek Park

  • Sikome Lake is an extremely popular public lake that Jackson residents get to enjoy only a short nine minute drive to away. This lake is man-made beach that is supplied with three fresh water wells. With a large sandy beach, warm water and various food-trucks on the scene, it’s an instant kid favourite.
  • And on the days you don’t feel like lounging at the beach, Fish Creek Park (the second largest urban park in Canada) will keep you entertained with tons of walking and bike trails for all ages! You can also find Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant which is a great place for wedding venues and events.

Happy exploring!

Photo Creds:
Michael Gil
Bernard Spragg. NZ