Jackson at Walden: Your Perfect New Community

A ribbon path through the community of Walden makes Jackson at Walden a wonderful place to call home.

Large trees, relaxing benches and thoughtful landscaping inspire you to walk from your future home to the nearby services/amenities, coffee shop and gastropub.

From exiting your front door you will quickly join the quiet pathway where you will discover little surprises along the way. Benches allow for a quick rest while taking in the sound of song birds resting on the branches.  Stroll a little way further and you will find a playground with tempting swings and jungle gym to play on.

Traffic calming devices make it easy to reach your destination, the Gates of Walden commercial area. Now you can enjoy that coffee or if you prefer something a little stronger, the Windsor Rose Gastropub would be a great place to stop in.

All this in only a short 15-20 minute walk from Jackson at Walden.  A nice place to call home.