Jackson in Walden: May Construction Update

So much is happening on site it’s hard to keep it all straight, but that’s what we’re here for. We’re now at 4 buildings complete with homeowners moving in.  Several other buildings are getting so close to being complete that possession letters are going out, and the rest are well on their way too.

Building 9 & 10 – Completed and all homeowners have moved in.

Building 8 –  All Complete, Homeowners are starting to move in.

Building 16 – Complete, just finishing up those minor touch-ups before homeowners start to move in

Building 17 – Finishing’s are well under way with flooring going in, both tile work and hardwood floors are happening!

Building 12 – Siding, rough-ins, insulation and drywall are complete. The finishing’s have started, cabinets are in and so are the countertops and flooring is getting started with the tile work happening first. Possession letters are starting to go out

Building 18 – Drywall and siding are complete! Finishing’s have started with cabinets going in

Building 11 – Insulation is complete and so is the drywall, we’re getting ready for texturing. The exterior siding work is over 50% complete as well.

Building 1 –  Insulation is complete and the drywall is finished now also! Texturing with start soon. Also the exterior work has stared with the building wrapped in Tyvek.

Building 2 –  Rough-ins are finishing up. Insulation will be starting soon.

Building 15 – Framing is complete and windows all in installed. Now rough-ins have started

Building  7 – Framing is advancing and the roof is complete. Windows are going in, soon rough-ins will start

Building 6 – Framing is almost finished on the roof.

Buildings 3, 4, 5, 13 & 14 – Foundations will start soon.

Around the Site – The first Garbage Enclosure is all complete, the second is finished framing and the roof is also done.

So much activity, its great to see!

TaraLynn @ Jackson