Jackson at Walden: The perks of buying a showhome!

There are benefits of buying pre-construction homes, but when all the townhomes are sold, you’ve still got a chance at owning. If you love an area or development there is always that last opportunity to buy the showhomes!

Right now the showhomes in Edison at Walden are for sale! It’s almost time for us to move into our new showhomes in Jackson at Walden and we want to find some happy homeowners to live in our current ones.

There are great benefits to buying a showhome and below we’ve listed a few:

  • Extra features and upgrades (not normally offered) – Fancier lighting, window coverings, custom paint and wall art. None of which are normally even an option during pre-construction.
  • What you see is what you get – Not great at visualizing what samples and colours will actually look like? No need to worry. You get to see how fabulous your completed home is, without trying to picture it.
  • Established community – You can see and experience the community first-hand; from what the surrounding homes and buildings look like, to the completed landscaping.
  • Closer to existing amenities – Grocery stores, restaurants and other shopping are established close by.
  • Quicker possession times – No more waiting around or dealing with unexpected construction delays.
  • Warranty coverage – Rest easy. The showhomes are still covered under warranty!

So what are you waiting for? Stop by and see our showhomes in Edison at Walden. These are your last chance to own in this amazing Avi Urban development.

Until next time,

TaraLynn @ Jackson at Walden