January Design Trend: Stylish Storage

This time of year, we know many of our homeowners are making the resolution to “get organized!” Our interior designers have some great ideas for maximizing space in your home, using this month’s design trend – furniture that doubles as storage.

Our interior designer Alex Scott explains why this trend is super functional for new townhomes and condos:

No matter how big or how small the home is, storage is always an issue. It seems that the more time you spend in your home, the more things accumulate and then more storage is needed. This never ending cycle of storage problems has spurred the growth of a style of furniture that doubles as storage. Try using these options in your place.

1.       Ottomans: With winter comes plenty of extra warm clothing such as hats  gloves and scarves. Place a stylish ottoman by your front door to hold all of your winter clothing while still providing a place to sit down and put on your boots! You can find a great one at Bouclair.

2.       Coffee Tables: Once used as just a place to put drinks or pile  magazines, the coffee table has been transformed by the growing need for more storage and seating. In a living room, the coffee table offers one of the most substantial areas to hide blankets, TV remotes, books and gaming controllers.

3.       Trunks: Within this double-duty genre, we’re especially fond of trunks used as tables with built-in storage capacity. Consider using a trunk for a coffee table and tucking away extra throw blankets, DVDs, or even overflow dishes and other kitchen fare. Because they perform these double-duty functions, vintage trunks, while not exactly cheap, are a great investment. Good flea markets usually feature a few nice finds, and a quick search on eBay turns up a lot of lovely (if pricey) models. We’ve spotted them on Craigslist and Kijiji now and again as well.

4.       Think outside the “bins”: When furnishing a tiny space, it’s important to search for pieces that can have multiple uses. Coffee table turns to dining table. Seats are storage ottomans.Make organizing easy by placing baskets for books and toys at kid level. This is the perfect table to put in a kids play room or a casual family room. Shoe storage can be repurposed in a china hutch. It’s also a great display piece to put in your foyer to showcase all of your favorite shoes!

With so many awesome and affordable options available, organizing your home can be easy by repurposing items or using furniture that does double-duty.

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