January Design Trends: White

Our showhome decorators are always up on the latest trends to help you decorate your new Calgary townhome or condo. We checked in with showhome decorator Marnie Galbraith to talk about what’s in when it comes to home décor:

White is always hot, but at the start of a fresh year, white symbolize a fresh start. It’s also a really fresh look that we’re seeing in magazines and in home décor stores. Updating our homes for the new year (and clearing out the Christmas décor) is something we hear tons of our homeowners are interested in for 2014.

White it being taken in a few directions. Whether it’s a warm comfortable white or a sleek architectural white, it speaks of sophistication and simplicity. Here’s how to use white in your place this season:

Layer it up: Layers of white on white bedding is inviting and gives you the lux feeling of being in a boutique hotel. This can also apply to lots of other textiles, like white throw pillows and white blankets on an armchair, or even white table linens. While we know white couches can be tricky (especially if you have kids or pets), we’d recommend trying a white throw blanket on white couch made of a stain resistant material, like leather or a leather alternative.

White walls:  White walls resemble a gallery and are very chic. If you’ve been into any of our Avi Urban showhomes or sales centres recently, you’ll notice that we’re choosing to use white as a main wall colour and trim colour. It’s a great jumping off point to display your works of art, and it usually looks fresh, bright, and clean.

Swap out the accessories: While you may have been using dark colours for fall, like brown and jewel tones, try swapping those out for white! Using white accessories like vases, towels, pillows, and drapes cleans things up for the new year and gives you a crisp splash.

Give your eye a break: We love white because it’s simple, and an absence of color gives the eye a break Plus, most everything goes with white so it can be easily added to existing décor.

For more ideas, check out our Pinterest page. We’re pinning oodles of white décor to help inspire you this season.