January DIY: Garage Organization Overhaul

At Avi Urban, our designers work to create functional spaces, keeping in mind how our homeowners will be using the spaces. In our Prospect Rise showhomes, our designers used simple DIY ideas to create a completely organized garage. Interior designer Marnie Galbraith explains how to make the most of your garage and give it a DIY organization overhaul:

Garages big and small are spaces just begging for organization.  With the accessibility of storage solutions at an all time maximum your opportunities to tuck away, magnet, hang and shelve – options are limitless. This garage, in one of the new Calgary townhomes at Prospect Rise, is just a small example of what is available for garage organization DIY.

1. Keep it off the floor: When organizing, keep in mind clearing the clutter off the floor. This will help you keep things organized and neat and tidy. Items like bicycle hooks are a great way to do this, hanging nets for holding sports equipment and wall organizers for miscellaneous items like mittens and snowbrushes.

2. Shelve it: If you have room, narrow shelving can be used to house boxes, rubber boots and storage containers. Utilize your above space as well if your garage permits. Ceiling storage racks are a great place to store items like Christmas trees, bins of holiday décor and items you don’t frequently use.

3. Mount and hang the little things: We used clever magnetic bars to store tools and small magnetic containers adhered to metal plates house small bolts, nails and screws. Pegboards are also a great solution for hanging keys and scissors.

4. Use the wall space: One of our favorite inexpensive items are storage hook sets. They are a great way to utilize all of your awkward wall space; think vertical to maximize! These are great for items like your extension cables, hoses, extra tires, ladders and dustpans. Also, “hold-it” aluminum rail sets with clips are a perfect way to store hockey sticks, Brooms and Snow shovels.

5. Try cabinetry and bins: Something else to create impact and counter space are DIY garage cabinet solutions which can be purchased at your local hardware store and can be easily customized to your needs and space. For recycling and garbage think bins that stack, it will save on space and make it a one stop drop zone.

Organizing your garage can be a great way to start off the New Year (not to mention all the space you’ll make for storing Christmas decorations!) Let us know how you’ve organized this season by posting to our Facebook page or commenting below.