Juno At Currie Barracks: Unanimous approval for Currie Barracks proposal

The proposal for the redevelopment of Currie Barracks went before the city council on May 11, 2015 and it was a unanimous approval! Exciting news for those current and future residents of this community.

Some of the new additions approved for this community in the near future are a dog park, large children’s playground and a soccer field. Proposal also included 5,200 housing units, 245,000 square feet of retail development and about 750,000 square feet of commercial office space. This will truly be a community where one can live, work and play.

To make things even more exciting there is now also going to be a one year study to explore a potential C-Train line to Currie Barracks and Mount Royal University. Making this just another reason why you should call Juno your new home!

Melissa @Juno